• Library

    Spacious library for the student to study the subject in peaceful ambiance under supervision. And for revising syllabus again, in advance to lead in the competitive environment.

  • Children Play Area

    Our school has a huge children play area within the boundaries of campus. with all the equipments and under the supervision of the game teacher. To take care of physical fitness of the students with basic workout equipment.

  • Kids Activity Room

    Several kids activity rooms which conduct various social, cultural, technical, sports and co-curricular activities to enhance student’s personality, communication and confidence.

  • Transport

    Transport facility is allotted on annual basis for students admitted school for the duration of the regular academic session. Routes and pick up points are indicative and are subject to change from time to time.

  • Junior Block

    School has junior block for Kindergarten students. They are learning about letters, shapes, colors, and dance. Some children can even read! The kids are comforted by the “homey” feel of the classroom.

  • Modern Class Room

    Well designed modern classrooms for smart classes to provide students with latest audio-visual teaching methodology. Modern classrooms have all the smart furniture suitable for kids and other soft toys etc.

  • Security Service

    Our school has appointed Security guards on each floor, CCTV Cameras and other security measures. To ensure safety and security which cannot be compromised.