Campus of MEHTA GURUKUL PUBLIC SCHOOL, Kaddon Road, Doraha was established in 2006 And also affiliation from the 2006 to till now continuous for long teams. The 5 acres Eco friendly green campus with rain water harvesting facility is a pollution free secure place for students. The Campus comprises of 1 block with 2 playgrounds and special spaces for tender minds to shape into global citizens with holistic personality, ethical values and technological edge.

The school building is spacious with well-lit classrooms, clean and tidy atmosphere. The infrastructure caters to all essential facilities for the children.

The buildings when seen together coalesce into a magnificent state-of-the-art with structure of art, the campus boasting of the best in modern teaching amenities in a high-tech infrastructure. Emergent technology has been used in the creation of smart tech classrooms.

While each block complements each other, the corridors and meeting spaces are graciously designed and are spacious enough to accommodate a huge amount of people. There is the added luxury of ample parking space – and one can literally drive through the entire school.

The classrooms (specific to each subject) right from the ground floor up till the fourth floor are similarly fitted out with safety features and elevators.

There is a huge contingent of security personnel coupled with computerized attendance systems, monitoring systems, movement tracking systems and secure closed circuit cameras at strategic vantage points – and you have an idea that we take the welfare of your children as a extremely serious issue.

This use of appropriate technology and specialized manpower is just the tip of the iceberg as far as the well being of students and staff is concerned.