The journey of such incredibly long years of Mehta Gurukul Public(Sr. Sec) School portray the blend of supreme intellect, innovation, research, distinctive collaboration, righteous assessments and global industry connect. The unions of formidable perspectives and the combined action of students and human resources have made Mehta as a chief dispenser of global and futuristic education with innovation and research being paramount ingredients.

The school (K to 12)is affiliated to CBSE and so with uniform system of assessment, examination and report card for students; it has raised the bar of global and international education in the city. In addition to this, the school provides learning opportunities which appeal to children’s multiple intelligences and trigger in them a multiplicity of perspectives through an eclectic mix of activities, excursions, intellectual accomplishments, aesthetic appreciation and sporting success, and thus encourage them to participate fully in the richness of school life.

It is a place where the most powerful dreams take shape in form of self inspired individuals. Where young minds are nurtured in values such as truth, love, peace, righteousness and non-violence so that they can take the world by surprise, radiating the energy of change into many more lives. It is the time we recognize the league that holds the promise of brighter future.

The sky is not a cluster of stars. It is a blueprint of a bright future.
The world is not a place to live. It is a canvas of dreams.
Impossible does not exist for those who believe in their dreams and dare to make them come true. They are special, gifted and unique.
They move forward with courage, belief and love for one and all.
They move forward to be the change.